Should you dump your selectorized equipment?

September 13, 2013 by Bruce Gehrig | 0 comments

According to FISA data for 2011, functional training selectorized equipment accounted for only 9.6% of strength equipment sold in the US. In 2012, that number jumped to 14.4%. That would seem to indicate a shift in strength training trends away from the traditional, fixed path selectorized equipment and towards the cable-driven functional training equipment. In fact, Athletic Business recently asked their followers about their selectorized strength equipment usage as compared with 5 & 10 years ago. Respondents noted a significant decrease in selectorized equipment this year and that was reflected in the purchase plan for new equipment in the coming years.

Members might prefer cable-drive functional selectorized equipment today, but does it mean that you should ditch your selectorized units right away? Absolutely not!

Athletic Business asked their followers about selectorized equipment usage.

Athletic Business asked their followers about selectorized equipment usage.

Who can argue with the value of functional training? When done correctly, it helps build muscles in the way that your body moves, providing “transferable” strength gains. Traditional selectorized equipment “only” allows you to train on 1-2 planes, which isn’t how your body moves. But did you know that there is very little scientific proof that user-defined motion (as with cable-driven functional equipment) promotes skills more effectively than fixed path training? In fact, a strong argument can be made for why fixed path selectorized equipment is more efficient and effective than functional cable-driven equipment.

Argument 1: I engage my core more during a cable-based exercise, which provides a more valuable strength training experience.

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